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Sep 9, 2012

Game Over ...HANG ON !!! Its Not ..

Fooo, fooo, foooooooooo… << Thoosi thattification >>
*Lazy gal’s Dusty blog *
     Here  comes my maiden short story. Call it cheesy or whatever, Kindly bear with me till the end of the post because I’m making my debut in this so called Short Stories Series.
And now Its STORYYYY Time :
      I was getting ready for my second date. After a week’s konjals and kenjals, Nidhu finally said YES for a movie. By the way I’m Shridar and Nidharsana is my one and only girl friend literally and that too from CS, thanks to my mechanical department.

A li’l flashback :
*Rewind Rewind Rewind back to July 2011*

      Nidhu and I were just friends initially, met through a common friend. After exchanging phone numbers we became best friends with all those talking for hours and this phenomenon continued for long. And one fine day after 9 months of her ‘BEST FRIENDS’ship and my ONE SIDE LOVE suffering, I couldn’t contain myself and blurted out “Nidhu, I’m in love with you”.

      She didn’t turn pink or blush as I had expected. Instead she said “Yo’ll get a really nyce gal shri, definitely not me”. I was disappointed but I’m not the kind to give up. Even after my serial-proposals for more than 4 months, She kept singing the same old raga “Yo deserv a beta gal shri”.

      I knew that she loved me and she is a timid girl and without doubts, she was hesitant to accept my proposal because of her family. For us, No Verbal Language was needed to communicate with, or understand each other’s feelings.

      Obviously I had the charms and eventually our MECH-CS chemistry worked out. Our official commitment happened after one year and now here we are, gearing up for our second movie date.

Back to the D-Day :

      With a little bit of Fair n Handsome and an extra dose of AXE effect, my MALE MAKEUP SESSION was over and I was ready for action. I had booked tickets for a morning show, as it was apt for her GOING-TO-VARSHA’S-HOME-TO-COPY-NOTES excuse to her strict mom.

I reached the destination earlier and was waiting for her.  After 20 minutes of mobile-flipping, 3 packs of popcorn-munching, sight-seeing, seconds-counting she came.
<<Here, Kindly don’t imagine a slow motion scene with an Amala Paul like figure coming>>
      She’s just an ordinary girl who is MY Amala Paul. She always has an aura of HURRY-BURRY-AT-THE LAST-MINUTE, so no time for those heroine entry scenes.
“SORRY Shri, soooooory da, It was this bus, No actually it was me and blah blah blah....”. I couldn’t hear anything after that because I was deeply engrossed in sighting her and I could sense the feeling of kissing her cropping up in my romantic head. I couldn’t help it, after all she was my girlfriend na?? not just any friend . But it was a damn movie theatre and it was a damn clear daytime.

“Shridar CONTROL CONTROL, Its just your second date not honeymoon” I was telling this to myself and with no further delay we entered the movie hall.

The movie started and after 3 hours BOOOOOOOOOM !! the movie just ended. Except exchanging coke and popcorn nothing really happened. Ya L I actually WATCHED the damn movie with my unconditionally loving yet unromantic GF L With  each second dying, I’s suppressing my feelings throughout the movie.

<<Usually do lovers come to movie theatres to watch the movie?!?! I seriously doubt it >>

      During the intermission I asked her “Do you like the movie?”. She nodded rapidly for more than 5 seconds that her earrings made dis DING DING DING noise. It was cute. I wanted to kiss her then.

      She removed her hair band and stretched it with her lips to tie her hair again. I wanted to kiss her then.

      She was humming my favourite song loud enough for me to hear during the walking around in the mall. I wanted to kiss her then.

      “Nidhu, what if someone spots you here with me??” I asked naughtily. She smiled with a little scariness and shrugged at the same time. I wanted to kiss her then.

      She was waiting in the busstop with me and was cracking her knuckles crazily. I wanted to kiss her then.

      Finally the bus arrived and the very thing I had most wished for happened. THE  BUS WAS EMPTY :P She was really nervous to sit beside me. Whenever accidentally our  skins came into contact she became more nervous. She tried hard to maintain a gap between us and I was cursing the NH like roads in my mind. So Far No Good. <<sigh>>

      Also I was not sure if Nidhu was ready for a kiss or not. What if I returned with a slapped cheek and more to worsen what if she was not really that comfortable with me, It was just our second date, miles to go.

      Still I couldn’t wrap up her cuteness and my feelings. Just a peck on the cheek was my intention. I kept glancing at her from the side and she was actually auditing our movie expenses  at the back of the bus ticket. <<Typical wife material>>

“OK Shridar, this is your last chance, just a quick little peck on the cheek” and then there she was, “Shri duffer, You paid an extra 50 at the cash counter” and BAAAAAANG !!, a peck on the cheek turned to a kiss on the lips and I didn’t let go of her for more than 5 seconds. She came to her senses and pushed me back. I could see that she was more than a li’l startled.

The last 15 minutes travel seemed like dead slow hell .She avoided looking at me and left without a bye to add to my embarrassment L. I was back at home and I banged my head on the wall and pillow with million thoughts colliding in my mind.

“I shouldn’t have even thought of kissing her in the first place” L
“What should I do now?” L
“How about establishing any alternative defense mechanism like it was just an accident Nidhu?”
“Should I go for any sentimental sequence or turn that into a comedy?”
“Let me call a spade a spade, Yes I wanted to kiss you, after all you’re my GF and in fact soon-to-be-wife”
“No, Let me make it up to her by any other means”

I was typing a message and was deleting the same, again typed a message and sent it to the drafts and the process continued. Was she really uncomfortable?? What if she decides to call it a day?? What if she stops talking with me??

She’s the only girl who matters in my life and I love her so much. Its difficult to put together what we shared in words. It was really stupid of me. How could I behave cheaply like that. She’s been my FANTASTIC  HER always. My sweet NIDHU L

It was a message from nidhu. “Hey I fagot to ask yo, Hw waz ma new strawberry lipbalm?? :P :P :P”

Mar 13, 2012


 Do you remember that Miss/Mr.SmartyPants in the class who makes everyone else look stupid??  That stupid kid who says sooooo much for one simple question like “Wats ua name?” ??  The one who says “I am totally grounded” with the saddest face ever when he/she gets 98?? << BooHoo!!! >>   The one who used to run after the teachers for the extra ‘quarter’ mark ??  The one who whispers “Yesssssss!!!” for each right answer while postmorteming the question paper after the exams??  The one who shouts out the answers for every question like it’s a race ??

You get me right ?! I mean that TOPPER KID (shabbaaa, oru valiya I came to the blog title !!) who annoys everyone and who always get the top grades.

Well, I was (underline this- ‘was’) once a topper in my class, MINUS all the geek part which I’ve mentioned.


Yesssss!!! I am showing off and bragging about :P This is the only thing which I can actually put scene about. Otherwise I am a VETHUVAETTU :P You can verify this with my friends !! I mean the topper crown part, not the vethuvaettu part, again its obvious anyway :P

Since I am not the nerd or geek kind, I exercised my full liberty of being a topper (read : acting like a good girl) in my entire third year and final year too. But miserably failing at times because its very difficult you know :D BETTER STAY GOOD THAN ACTING :D I knew the charms and evil spells of my TOPPER WAND by heart :P (little Hermione, but PURE EVIL :D ) << evil smile >> N

So what fun did I have???

v When my teacher asks me a question which falls under the perfect subject norm, I can kick ass. But how?!  I confuse her with all the technical words mixed with ‘is’, ‘was’, ‘that’, ‘ by’, ‘the’ and ‘ifs’ put in grammatically correct places .  What my teacher thinks – This girl knows a lot better than me !! What I think – Phewww, Thappichen da saami !! J
v  In exam papers I need not write anything relevant or related to that subject. Just my name in the front page would do wonders << wink >>. Actually I just copy paste from the 1st internal exam for the 2nd one. We write our internals in booklets :P J
v  My exam mantra since 3rd year has been ‘jumbled sentences’  always. Same sentence in four different grammatical format with four different technical words appended to each sentence would easily fetch me 2 marks. J
v  When I don’t finish an assignment, the deadline gets extended to tomorrow irrespective of anyone or anything. J
v  My teachers would never believe if I facebook during our lab hours (which I often do and did a lot ). Even if I put up a status like “I am facebooking in my OS lab”, it means that Uma’s® ID has been hacked by some bastard. I don’t have a clue. J
v  Sometimes when I get caught during my daydreaming session(90 % attention to Rockstar Ranbir and 10 % attention in nodding) the scene goes like this.
Ma’m:Yes Uma,any doubt? (this is because Ranbir grabbed my 100% attention)
Me : Errrrrr, Yesssssss maaaaaaaaaam…That constant  …….
Ma’m:Yes,That’s a good question. I was just wondering, why didn’t anyone notice      that? BLAH BLAH BLAH…
Me : Naa dha questionae kekkaliyae ?!?! Anyway Mischief  Managed K

v  During my entire 5th sememster I’d managed to finish my lunch in the 3rd hour itself. No getting caught till date << theramasaali >>C
v  When I come late to a class, its not because I was having fun with my friends or stuffing myself with canteen puffs n chicken rolls, Its because I was discussing my doubts with the last hour’s teacher. :P J
v  When I feel drowsy and my eyelids do the butterfly kiss, its because I was sincerely preparing for my class exams that day for the whole night. My teacher would never believe that I was bitching about her & the damn exams till late night  with my friend in gmail or I was drooling over  Ranbir all night :P J
v  The list may well go on…..
But being a topper has its own cons as well << sad >> D

v  The teacher has this tendency to look at you constantly. You can neva send a text or have a chat L
v  All the damn seminars will be kattified in your head L
v  You can never close your eyes for more than a second. This is where my brilliance comes in really handy. I have mastered the art of sleeping with open eyes and with constant nodding at regular intervals J

Uffffffffffff, the post comes to an end here !!!

P.S : Comments of any sort on my ‘TOPPER AWARD’ are unwelcome !!

Feb 26, 2012


I joined this tag race only because of  Rupert. I wanna give you 2 thanks-es and a sorry.
THANKS  1 : Thanks so much for tagging me even though we have less acquaintance, actually very very less. J
THANKS  2 : I have ONE MORE  post for my blog. Thanks again. J
SORRY : Sorry for taking around 6 days to start running, I was little busy with my project works. :P

Now I have a few rules to be copy pasted in this post. :P
Follow them or don’t but I will for Rupert ?? NO NO god?!, NOOOOOO my?!?!? GOSH NO, for someone’s sake.
       Rule#1: Put the rules on your blog.
   Rule#2: Every person tagged should tell 11 things about themselves,Answer the 11 questions asked by the one that tagged you and Tag 11 other people and ask them 11 different questions.
    Rule#3:Let the people whom you tagged know you've done so.
            Rule#4: Don't tag anyone who's been tagged before.
            Rule#5: Really do tag 11 others, don't go all ''if you want to take this tag''.

Firstly 11 random things about me :

1.    I am totally irresponsible and unorganized in almost everything but studies and projects.
2.    I can never be sad for more than 10 minutes at the least.
3.    If you become my friend, you’ll definitely find me unconditionally pranky, loving and caring.
4.    My attention span is very less in the case of boring theoretical lectures. So during most theory hours in my class I’ll just zonk out.
5.    I am a shameless snatcher when it comes to chocolates. Even if the chocolate is in the hands of a little kid, I‘ll just snatch it and put in my mouth.
6.    I’ll be always in an instant confusion when I should take a turn while driving. Be it right or left, I‘ll perfectly choose the wrong turn & I can never actually differentiate between softcopy and hardcopy in less than a minute.
7.    I hate it when someone next to me keeps texting during any conversation or chitchat.
8.   I feel extremely excited when I get a new comment in my blog.
9.    I hate power cuts interrupting my project work, my funny chitchats, my stupid commentings, my movie watchings, my sweet sleep and particularly my looooooong downloads.
10. I am incredibly insane and very playful when I am with my cousins or friends.
11.  I am easily vulnerable to believing lies and trusting strangers.

My answers to Rupert’s questions :
1.    What keeps you alive?
Of course food and oxygen. But I need that extra pinch of love and care to keep me going.
2.   What one thing have you done that you wish you never did?
I never regret my past. However, I wish I had stayed more focused during my board exams. I would have got better marks like my dad wanted. However, it was my wakeup call.
3.   What is love to you?
Once in a while, LOVE gives us a magic tale right in the middle of a dumb life but its just a temporary insanity.
4.   What is your one fantasy that you know you will never realize?
I’ve always fancied Harry Potter. I wish I were at Hogwarts even though I am clearly aware that HOGWARTS DOESN’T ACTUALLY EXIST.
5.   When did you first taste a lover’s kiss?
Lover’s kiss?!?!? Its yet to happen.I wish I could fast forward to that day.
6.   What is your favorite movie?
"The pursuit of Happyness". This movie taught me a great lesson and i cried after watching.
"Don't ever let someone tell you that you can't do something, Not even me. You got a dream.You gotta protect it. People can't do something themselves, they wanna tell you that can't do it. If you want somethin', go get it. Period"
7.   Whom do you love the most in the world? 
                        I cant just zero in on a particular person when it comes to the person i love the most. Every lovable person :)

Its my turn to have fun now…

I am not an APPATUCKER BLOGGER to tag 11 persons here. But I do wanna tag two friends.
My questions for you…
1. If a genie could grant you 3 wishes, what would they be?
2.What is your favorite sport / song?
3. What is the one thing, which you can’t live without?
4. How and when did you start blogging?
5. The inbox sms which you never wanna delete?
6. What is the craziest thing that you’ve ever done?
7. What is the special gift you’ve received from someone close to heart?
P.S :  Hoping to know them better, archana and athi J