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Mar 13, 2012


 Do you remember that Miss/Mr.SmartyPants in the class who makes everyone else look stupid??  That stupid kid who says sooooo much for one simple question like “Wats ua name?” ??  The one who says “I am totally grounded” with the saddest face ever when he/she gets 98?? << BooHoo!!! >>   The one who used to run after the teachers for the extra ‘quarter’ mark ??  The one who whispers “Yesssssss!!!” for each right answer while postmorteming the question paper after the exams??  The one who shouts out the answers for every question like it’s a race ??

You get me right ?! I mean that TOPPER KID (shabbaaa, oru valiya I came to the blog title !!) who annoys everyone and who always get the top grades.

Well, I was (underline this- ‘was’) once a topper in my class, MINUS all the geek part which I’ve mentioned.


Yesssss!!! I am showing off and bragging about :P This is the only thing which I can actually put scene about. Otherwise I am a VETHUVAETTU :P You can verify this with my friends !! I mean the topper crown part, not the vethuvaettu part, again its obvious anyway :P

Since I am not the nerd or geek kind, I exercised my full liberty of being a topper (read : acting like a good girl) in my entire third year and final year too. But miserably failing at times because its very difficult you know :D BETTER STAY GOOD THAN ACTING :D I knew the charms and evil spells of my TOPPER WAND by heart :P (little Hermione, but PURE EVIL :D ) << evil smile >> N

So what fun did I have???

v When my teacher asks me a question which falls under the perfect subject norm, I can kick ass. But how?!  I confuse her with all the technical words mixed with ‘is’, ‘was’, ‘that’, ‘ by’, ‘the’ and ‘ifs’ put in grammatically correct places .  What my teacher thinks – This girl knows a lot better than me !! What I think – Phewww, Thappichen da saami !! J
v  In exam papers I need not write anything relevant or related to that subject. Just my name in the front page would do wonders << wink >>. Actually I just copy paste from the 1st internal exam for the 2nd one. We write our internals in booklets :P J
v  My exam mantra since 3rd year has been ‘jumbled sentences’  always. Same sentence in four different grammatical format with four different technical words appended to each sentence would easily fetch me 2 marks. J
v  When I don’t finish an assignment, the deadline gets extended to tomorrow irrespective of anyone or anything. J
v  My teachers would never believe if I facebook during our lab hours (which I often do and did a lot ). Even if I put up a status like “I am facebooking in my OS lab”, it means that Uma’s® ID has been hacked by some bastard. I don’t have a clue. J
v  Sometimes when I get caught during my daydreaming session(90 % attention to Rockstar Ranbir and 10 % attention in nodding) the scene goes like this.
Ma’m:Yes Uma,any doubt? (this is because Ranbir grabbed my 100% attention)
Me : Errrrrr, Yesssssss maaaaaaaaaam…That constant  …….
Ma’m:Yes,That’s a good question. I was just wondering, why didn’t anyone notice      that? BLAH BLAH BLAH…
Me : Naa dha questionae kekkaliyae ?!?! Anyway Mischief  Managed K

v  During my entire 5th sememster I’d managed to finish my lunch in the 3rd hour itself. No getting caught till date << theramasaali >>C
v  When I come late to a class, its not because I was having fun with my friends or stuffing myself with canteen puffs n chicken rolls, Its because I was discussing my doubts with the last hour’s teacher. :P J
v  When I feel drowsy and my eyelids do the butterfly kiss, its because I was sincerely preparing for my class exams that day for the whole night. My teacher would never believe that I was bitching about her & the damn exams till late night  with my friend in gmail or I was drooling over  Ranbir all night :P J
v  The list may well go on…..
But being a topper has its own cons as well << sad >> D

v  The teacher has this tendency to look at you constantly. You can neva send a text or have a chat L
v  All the damn seminars will be kattified in your head L
v  You can never close your eyes for more than a second. This is where my brilliance comes in really handy. I have mastered the art of sleeping with open eyes and with constant nodding at regular intervals J

Uffffffffffff, the post comes to an end here !!!

P.S : Comments of any sort on my ‘TOPPER AWARD’ are unwelcome !!